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Beyond Dieting
Eating Disorders Information Network
Eating Disorders Referral Network
Geneen Roth
Multi-service Eating Disorders Association
National Eating Disorders Association
Overcoming Overeating
The Renfrew Center
Something Fishy

body-positive inspiration

5 Resolutions
Adios Barbie
Arla Patch
Body Image Health
The Body Image Project
Body Positive
Eat a Cheeseburger
Every Woman Has An Eating Disorder
In Her Image
Jessica Weiner
Key to Life
Love Your Body
Medicinal Marzipan
Shapely Prose
The Body Project
Quit Your Diet
We Are The Real Deal
We Bite Back

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A Cup of Jo
Bake for Hope
Beauty Everyday
Bust Magazine
Design Sponge
Feminist Review
French Toast Girl
Learning to Love You More
Liebemarlene Vintage
my polaroid blog
Oh, Hello Friend
Oh Joy!
Pretty Good
The (Re)making Project
Sabrina Ward Harrison
simply photo
The Cherry Blossom Girl
The Language of Letting Go
The New York Times
The Pioneer Woman
Tiny Choices
Wish Jar

love the belly, feed the belly
101 Cookbooks
Bread and Honey
Chocolate and Zucchini
David Lebovitz
Dinner Tonight
Everybody Likes Sandwiches
Gluten-Free Girl
Have Cake, Will Travel
I Cook Like a Girl
Play With Food
Slow Food NYC
Smitten Kitchen

happy stuff
Alloy - a "teen" site, they say, but they have a wide array of sizes!
Mod Cloth

gilt by association
Anne L. Wennerstrand
Big Yoga
Diana Pops
Discover Your True Beauty
Emerging Artists Theater
Jane LeCroy
Macaulay Campbell
Margaret Blackwell, Life Coach
Scott Garapolo

local NYC+ NJ haunts and recommendations
Angelo's Shoe Repair
La Petite Coquette Lingerie Shop